Broadcast Media

Date Media Headline
07/07/2023 CNA Firms from Singapore and Vietnam sign 12 deals at Hanoi business forum
07/07/2023 VTV News Vietnam and Singapore signed 12 Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen cooperation
07/07/2023 VTV1 Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai attended the Singapore Regional Business Forum
07/07/2023 Lianhe Zaobao 新越两国公私领域签署12项谅解备忘录

Written Articles

Date Media Headline
07/07/2023 The Business Times Singapore, Vietnam can deepen ties in innovation, energy connectivity, sustainability
07/07/2023 The Business Times Vietnam eyes new free trade agreements to spur economic growth: deputy minister
07/07/2023 The Straits Times Singapore and Vietnam sign 12 MOUs in show of strong ties
07/07/2023 New hanoi Vietnam is committed to creating the best cooperation environment for Singaporean businesses
07/07/2023 VnEconomy Singapore and Vietnam signed 12 MOUs to promote trade and investment cooperation
07/07/2023 VOV Singapore - Vietnam becomes a model for promoting economic cooperation mechanisms
07/07/2023 Vnexpress Deputy Prime Minister wants Singapore to help Vietnam access more financial resources
07/07/2023 CafeF Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai: Breakthrough, think big to go far!
07/07/2023 Vietnamnews Việt Nam-Singapore urged to further promote co-operation
08/07/2023 Saigon Times Vietnam-Singapore signed 12 Memorandum of Understanding on trade, education and finance
07/07/2023 The Edge Singapore Singapore and Vietnam beef up economic and bilateral ties with signing of 12 MOUs